Covid - 19
Screening Package


  • International standard Lab Diagnostic test for Covid-19 testing (MOH Approved)
  • Detect Covid-19 virus in the patient’s body
  • Nose swab and throat swab
  • Result TAT depends on package


  • Screening Test (MOH Approved)
  • Able to detect Covid-19 virus in the patient’s body but is less sensitive
  • Nose swab
  • Result within 20 – 30 minutes

Covid - 19 Screening Packages

PCR Normal
RM 180
Result out within 36 - 48 Hours
PCR Standard
RM 220
Result out within 18 - 24 Hours
PCR Premium
RM 300
Result out within 10 - 12 Hours
PCR Super Premium
RM 340
Result out within 6- 9 Hours
RTK Screening Test
RM 100
Result out within 20-30 minutes
RTK Saliva Test
RM 120
Result out within 20-30 minutes

Disclaimer :
Swab sample is sent to our Certified/Approved Laboratory conducting Covid 19 test which the Clinic have no control over the analysis and reporting process. In certain cases, Laboratory must re-run the test to ascertain the accuracy of the result following the standard of the Laboratory SOPs which may cause to the extension of Turnaround Time (TAT)