What to do if you are DETECTED with COVID-19?

  1. Stay calm and do not panic. BP will notify Ministry of Health (MOH) immediately and MOH will contact you soon.
  2. Stay at home and make sure you are contactable at all times. MOH will do the contact tracing.
  3. Isolate yourself in a room with a separate bathroom if possible.
  4. Wear face mask at home to reduce the spread of droplets.
  5. Avoid face-to-face contact with family members. All of the other family members are advised to wear face mask as well.
  6. Do not share the same utensils with other family members.
  7. Dirty laundry should be handled separately with warmest temperature if possible.
  8. Practice good hand hygiene and cover your nose and mouth when you cough/sneeze.
  9. Self-monitoring of symptoms and beware of the signs such as shortness of breath, poor oral intake, chest tightness, frequent diarrhea and cough with blood.
  10. Call emergency hotline 999 if you develop severe symptoms.

How do I know my appointment has been booked?

Admin from each clinic will attend you through whatsapp regarding your booking. He/She will guide on the next steps.

What are the accuracy rates of RT-PCR and RTK-AG?

RT-PCR test has an accuracy rate of 99%, whereas our RTK-Ag test has an accuracy rate of around 90%.

I am detected with COVID-19 when I did my first test. A few days later, I did the COVID-19 RT-PCR Test again and the test result came back NEGATIVE, why is that so?

You may have been infected or exposed to COVID-19 earlier but did not portray any symptoms. When you did the first RT-PCR COVID-19 test, you may have reached the recovery stage. Therefore, the subsequent COVID-19 RT-PCR test result appeared as NOT DETECTED.